Material Choices

Petromet Sealings Material Choices


Specialist Hybrid Packings

These are available in a variety of material structures and production processes, as well as with the inclusion of specified lubricants. One option might feature a temperature-resistant elastomer central core with robust aramid fibers at the corners to prevent abrasion and PTFE/Graphite yarn in the middle of each side to disperse heat and offer minimal friction.

Another variation might have aramid yarn at the corners, PTFE yarn at the faces, and a strong core of extruded and expanded PTFE cable.
These specialist combination packings are designed to cope with specialized duties and in difficult applications, maybe where high stresses are involved.

Hi-Temperature Packing

We provide a product line dedicated to sealing applications with exceptionally high temperatures. One kind, a very soft stable fiber, is made from heat-resistant fibers spun into a flexible yarn and reinforced with a low percentage of glass fiber and Inconel® wire. This yarn includes no organic agents or processing additives and can maintain its physical and chemical qualities at extremely high temperatures.

We also offer packings made of fibrous inorganic refractory oxides - silica fibre with no metallic or ceramic composition. This family of packings may be impregnated with high-temperature resistant additives based on a patented, high-temperature, graphite-based dispersion.

Aramid Fibres

Having a very high tensile strength means that Aramid packing will handle all sorts of abrasive particles suspended in the pumping fluid

This is a tough, high-performance packing, cross-plaited from texturized aramid yarns impregnated with PTFE dispersion and a silicone-based lubricant that resists chemical attack at high temperatures

  • Available lubrication ensures low friction to minimize shaft and sleeve wear
  • Tough aramid yarn provides dimensional stability and resistance to deformation
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • smentic-fiber

    Synthetic Fibres

    Braided synthetic packing is a general industry, commercial grade packing and will be an effective sealing agent in mild pump applications having low temperature and moderately low-speed characteristics

    Potential Benefits
  • Can be used upto 450⁰C
  • A general valve and static seal packing
  • Easy to cut and install
  • Economic but versatile
  • eptfe

    ePTFE/Graphite : FG50

    This highly adaptable solution improves the dependability and efficacy of compression packing. This cross-plaited packing is made entirely of WL Gore & Associates' highly developed GFO® yarn, which combines the benefits of ePTFE, graphite, and high-temperature lubricants. It provides the right mix of density, resilience, strength, and durability.

  • Very good start-up and emergency running characteristics
  • Low coefficient of friction and minimal shaft wear
  • High thermal conductivity for cool running
  • Extended service life – by up to 400% in harsh environments
  • Well proven with aggressive media
  • ptfe


    PTFE packing can be used in valve and pumping applications, and various versions are available with added PTFE, Mineral or Vegetable Oil, or Graphite lubricants to improve properties such as rapid heat dispersion in high-speed applications or for difficult applications requiring sealing of aggressive chemicals or non-contaminated packing.

    Potential Benefits
  • Long life Valve and Pump sealing with minimum maintenance
  • Minimal wear on shafts and sleeves
  • Suitable for Food, Beverage, and Pharmaceutical applications
  • High purity with outstanding chemical resistance
  • Very low coefficient of friction
  • graphit


    The use of high-performance pure graphite provides high temperature and pressure capabilities as well as superior chemical resistance for exceptional sealing performance.

    Many various material versions and combinations are employed to create braided packing with increased performance characteristics that can withstand variable and severe service conditions. These needs may include extremely high-pressure applications in which an Inconel wire reinforcement can be inserted into the braided body, as well as the use of graphite or PTFE lubricant to enhance material density, improve sealing performance, and minimize stem wear.