Manufacturing Construction Styles

Petromet Sealings Manufacturing Braided Styles

Square Bred

Square Braided

When strands of material cross over and under other strands going in the same direction, a square braid is created. These square braid packings are used for high-speed rotary service at relatively low pressure. They are typically soft and malleable, with a loose structure that allows for a high proportion of lubricant to be supplied. Because of the braid's suppleness, it may be used on old and worn equipment.

Braid over Braid

Braid or Braid over core this construction method is created by braiding thin yarn coats around a core material that might be the same or different. This packing tape is relatively thick and is best suited for high pressure, moderate speed, and typically static applications.

X Braided

When yarns crisscross across one other from the surface diagonally through the body of the packing, an inter-braid, cross plait, or diagonal braid is generated. This guarantees that all strands are tightly interlocked to form a sturdy and stable construction that will not come apart during service. An equal distribution of yarn density promotes better lubricant retention.